Wednesday, February 16, 2011


  IT Is four thrity in the morning I am up drenched in sweat from a reacurring nightmare my heart is racing so fast and beating so loud it is deafning to my ears then I start to recount my nightmare in my head it is a nightmare I remember having as a child alot until i just one day stopped having them but now they are back again The dream was of a little black girl in a bedroom sitting on a bed butt naked her head is held down her hands are in a praying  position I try to step closer to make out her face but something stops me its like an wall an invisible wall so I am forced to watch from where I am

Very soft and low sobs escapes her pouty lips her body is jerking and trembling very hard my eyes begin to water up its like i can feel her pain like it was my very own like it was my pain like i am somehow connected to this little girl but i cant figure out how it is all so fimilar to me it's like i have been in this very room before as soon as that thoought entered my mind a man enetered the room but i can't make out his face his and her faces are always blurred out for some reason  as my frustrations rise the man begins to slowly walk into the room he gave me an icy cold feeling down my spine he stands there breathing heavily above her then I turn my vision back to the little girl her head is still held low he says to the little girl "ARE YOU READY TO PLAY OUR DAILY SECERT GAME?" he said in a scrambled voice the little girl responds and says in voice barely above a whisper "NO I DONT WANNA PLAY I WANNA GO HOME" then the man replys "UNTIL WE PLAY OUR SECERT GAME YOU CANT GO HOME" The man tells her to lay back on the bed slowly while he undresses himself 

The little girl starts to protest and fight back but he is much to strong anger begins to build up and explode inside of me so i frantically begin to pound and beat on the invisble wall yelling and screaming  "GET OFF HER YOU BASTARD LEAVE HER ALONE!" but my screams go unheard of as i am standing here in total shock and dis-beleif as i am watching this young girl being violated taken advantage of robbed of her innocence and childhood of her happiness i continue to beat on the invisble wall that is seperating me from this young girl sweet young girl her cries and screams grow louder and louder her cries are longer she screams for her mother she screams for her father but no one comes to her rescue as this abuse and torture continues until suddenly it all goes quiet

By this time i have finally gotten through this invisble wall that was holding me back the whole time but the man is gone now but the little girl remains on the bed still crying with a broken body and bruised soul as i move closer to the little girl whos idenity is still a mystery to me I move froward to comfort her i am standing in me front of her now I reach out a shaky arm and hand out to touch her shoulder then all of a sudden she jumps a little and looks right up at me at the same time the blur disappears from her face I grab my cheast and jump back in dis-belif unable to breath or function correctly because the little girl staring back ME! dayum (REMEMBERING)

                    THANK YOU 

                   ALEXANDRIA LINDSAY

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