Friday, February 18, 2011


Headache, backache, stomach bloated and getting hard weakness take over me
I'm thinking to myself this cant be,nausea and fatigue comes next out of nowhere 
I cant believe my body and the signals its given me 
After being M.I.A for three in a half months and now you wanna show up irritating the hell out of me
Taking all of my energy making me weak and nausea at the sight and smell of you
I was so happy and free without you enjoying the hell out of life never having to worry about midol.
When you are around you make me act crazy and do crazy things. 
I end up saying stuff really mean stuffing myself with chocolates and salt and lazily laying around making me sleep and drink alot.
I go into a real bad funk i miss out on life having to deal with you .
Many times i have thought about removing you from my life from having to deal with you. 
Because you cause me way to much pain and suffering alot of money went on those big ass uncomfortable diaper looking pads to stop you from messing up a good pair of panties or pants. 
Growing up i was lied to telling me that i needed to suffer through and have you in order to have children but we all know that that is a bold face ass lie if only i knew then what i know now....smh 
blood flow muscles tightly contracting balled up into a fetal position
cursing the pain and mother nature out religiously as i am going through this horrific pain 


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