Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I wanna speak on the behalf of all of young girls and grown women who have been taking advantage of as little girls or who is being taken advantage of right now or has been by "CHILD MOLESTERS" "PEDOPHILES" over grown men who loves to have sex with really young girls and to say to everybody who says that you need to get over it and move on but what people need to realize that you cannot and will not forget and move on because shit like this scares a person for life especially when the sick bastards who has done this to you never goes to jail or they go to jail but get out quicker than they went in i am here to let you know that everyone of you young ladies and young girls or beautiful inside and out you'll may never ever forgive and forget what was done to you and you walk around feeling dirty and empty inside because what was done to you all was RAPE you never get over being "RAPED"   because personally i think they should be put these assholes in jail for the rest of their natural born life and have an four hundred pound cellmate who sticks a broomstick up is ass each and everyday let's uplift each other and encourage on e another don't let what these bastards did to you stop you from living life there should be a law where you can get older and have your case reopened and the bastard put behind bars just like they do cold cases and such but only if it were reported back when you were a child and nothing was done or they only went to prison for a very short time victims of CHILD MOLSETERS deserve and need justice to we need that for our processing of healing  and because of  our messed up screwed up laws and justice system my babies my children will never ever be going to sleepovers or anyone house for visits without me and i will be doing background checks

let's start protecting our babies if the damn laws wont do it!  



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